Who am I?

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Born in 1994 in Zhejiang Province, China. Having won the first place in the middle school entrance examination, I was successfully admitted to Dongyang No. 1 Middle School, a key high school in the city. I graduated from Zhejiang University of Technology, a key university in the province. While studying, I actively participated in students'work. I did not let myself fail the course. I succeeded in getting the CET6 certificate, taking part-time jobs on campus and being the first person in charge of a school-level organization.

In 2015, the senior year mainly focused on internship. During this period, I constantly tried to find my own professional position, from the new media operation to Android development,and to iOS development. Finally, I formally contacted with the front-end development in February 2016. After graduation in June 2016, I worked as a full-time front-end development engineer, and went further and further on the road of front-end development, and fell deeper and deeper until I fell in love with this profession. In 2016, when the front-end field of three-legged (React/Vue/Angular), technological innovation is surging, and I was so young, high-spirited!

At work, I am belong to introverted and quiet, while those in life, I am outgoing and lively. Usually, I always love to do things more seriously. I am more willing to pursue the essence of things to help me understand things. My favorite motto is that "Know what it is, know why it is, and know what it will be".

Interests and hobbies: Basketball, Movies, Reading, Travelling, and LOL.

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2018 April - Present

Zhejiang Yushi Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Front-end Developer & Front-end Manager

1. Staffing: Total of employees is 600-800, the developer is 50-70, and the fe-developer is 7-10.
2. Work Content: Provide fe-technical support to the company with assignments, technical issues, program debugging, and front-end interview.
3. Project Introduction: Including PC-side official web, background management system, as well as mobile-side hybrid development, game-page H5 development, etc.
4. Technology Stack: Vue Ecosystem(Vue CLI3 + Vue + Vue Router + Axios + Vuex + VeeVaidate), ElementUI, MintUI, etc.

2016 February - 2018 April

Zhejiang Feiyue Cultural Creative Co., Ltd.

Front-end Developer & H5 Leader

1. Staffing: Total of employees is 60-80, the developer is 30-40, and the fe-developer is 5-7.
2. Work Content: Provide fe-technical support to the company with PC & H5 APP development.
3. Project Introduction: Including PC-side Library Management System and Library OPAC Retrieval Platform, as well as mobile-side OPAC hybrid development, etc.
4. Technology Stack:jQuery, jQuery Mobile, ExtJs, etc.

2015 October - 2016 February

Hangzhou Hacker College

iOS Development Student & Intern

1. Learning iOS Development.
2. Developing HeWuQi APP, responsible for Personal Center Module.

2015 July - 2015 October

Hangzhou Koala Network Technology Co., Ltd.

New Media Assistant Intern & Android Development Intern

1. As a new media operation assistant, I participated in the testing of the use of APP, the promotion of APP, copywriting planning and so on.
2. As an android developer, I participated in APP interface modification, code refactoring, etc.

My Education


2012 September - 2016 June

Zhejiang University of Technology

Computer Science and Technology College

Zhejiang University of Technology

Zhejiang University of Technology is a Comprehensive Key University of Zhejiang Province, founded in 1953, located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.
Relevant Coursework: C++ Programming, Java Programming, Web Application Development.

2009 September - 2012 June

Zhejiang Dongyang High School


Zhejiang Dongyang High School

Zhejiang Dongyang High School is a Key Middle Schools in Zhejiang Province, founded in 1912, the former site of Dongbai Academy in the Qing Dynasty, and now located in Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province.

What can I do?

Professional Skills

2015 July - 2019 January

Professional Skills

Skills List

Frequently-used Tools: VSCode, Git, SVN, ZenTao, YApi, Jenkins, Tunnelblick, FileZilla, Foxmail, Chrome, DingTalk, etc.

Programing Language Familiarity
Html/Css/Js 80%
VueJs 80%
ElementUI 90%
ExtJs 70%
jQuery Mobile 60%
jQuery 80%
Weixin Mini Program 60%
NodeJs 20%
iOS/Android 10%

My Projects


fifteen718 (Kuroko)

Kuroko has 18 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.